In 2007, Veeva Systems was founded by CEO and enterprise software veteran Peter Gassner to deliver robust and compliant cloud solutions to the life sciences industry. From day one, Veeva had a simple strategy; that combining great cloud technology with specific-industry focus leads for better customer success and innovation. This was a clear improvement over customers needing to modify generic software to fit their specific industry needs.

Early on, when Veeva got its first customers, Frank Defesche built the Veeva services team to ensure that every customer engagement was successful.

In 2010 Veeva introduced Veeva Vault, an enterprise cloud platform that brings together documents, data, and workflow all into one application. While the first Vault applications were designed with the quality & regulatory needs of the global life sciences industry in mind, Veeva always knew they would bring Vault applications to other industries when the time was right.

By 2016, Vault was the market leader in cloud quality management and document control software in life sciences. And companies outside of life sciences continued to express interest in its products. So in May of 2016 Frank Defesche started the QualityOne organization, reporting directly to the Veeva CEO, to bring the same quality management focus and product excellence to companies in other manufacturing and regulated services industries.

Other facts about QualityOne & Veeva:

  • Product development is done at Veeva’s headquarters in Pleasanton, CA.
  • 24×7 product support services in Columbus,OH , Budapest, Hungary, and Dalian, China.
  • Offices around the globe to provide local professional services and regional market knowledge.
  • Veeva is publicly traded on the NYSE (VEEV).